October: Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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Breast CancerAwareness Month is observed every October to raise awareness about the mostcommon cancer among women, breast cancer. This important initiative aims toeducate everyone the symptoms, treatment options, and promote regular breasthealth screenings. It serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of earlydetection.

BreastCancer Statistics

· About1 in 8 of U.S. women are going to develop invasive breast cancer in theirlifetime

· About1 in 833 men will develop breast cancer in their lifetime.

· Breastcancer is the most common cancer among U.S. women.

· About30% of all newly diagnosed cancers in women are breast cancer

· Thereare more than 4 million breast cancer survivors in the U.S. This includes thosewho are currently being treated and those who have completed treatment.



Ahard mass felt around the breast with irregular edges but be careful, breastcancers can also feel soft, tender and painful.
Swollen lymph nodes under the arm



Althoughgetting a regularly scheduled breast exam with your doctor is important, it’sjust, if not more important than to make sure you are doing an exam of your ownat home. Symptoms can be felt from home and could potentially be earlydetection of the disease.



Involvesusing medicines to shrink or kill the cancer cells.


Rayssimilar to x-rays are used to kill the cancer cells.

This works with the body’s immune system to fight

It blocks cancer cells from getting the hormones they need to to grow

An operation where doctors go in and remove the cancer.
This month-long campaign highlights the importance of knowingthe symptoms, promotes early detection, and different types of treatments.