How Aging Affects Mobility

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Now a days numerous older adults continue to actively participate in society well intotheir senior years, but, there may be a point where age-related challenges,particularly limitations in mobility, become more noticeable and more difficultas we get older. This can cause an issue for aging seniors who are wanting tostay independent in their homes.

What changes as we age?

Joints may experience wear and tear, leading to conditions suchas arthritis, which can hinder any fluid movement. Decreased flexibility, decreasedbone density, muscle mass, and strength, and coordination often accompanyaging, making it more challenging to perform activities that require a fullrange of motion, like walking up the stairs holding on a handrail.

Our nervous system also undergoes changes which affect the speedof nerve impulses and reflexes, further hindering mobility. As a result, olderindividuals may find it harder to maintain balance, navigate uneven surfaces,and engage in activities that once seemed effortless.

Over time, common mobility issues likedeteriorations in balance and coordination can lead to further restrictions inwalking or even an inability to stand without assistance. Here are a few tips forcaregivers to take into the new year to keep in mind to assist aging who wantto stay in their homes.


Before doing anything it’s important to take a look at theirhome. Look for potential hazards like rugs, cords, lack of handrails, etc.National Council on Aging provides a printable checklist (link: you can download and use.

Modify for Safety

Once you’ve gone through figuring out what needs to be fixed forsafety, work towards putting those changes in place. Common changes include:
- Adding handrails in bathrooms and bedrooms

- Remove any rugs that could potentially cause a fall

- Widen doors and walkways

- Raising toilet seats

- Adding ramps or a lift to access home

- Investing in a home elevator or stair lift to access multiplefloors

- Improved lighting

- Replace knobs with levers

Consider AmeriGlide

We offer a wide range of products that help with accessibilityaround homes. Think of us as an appliance installed in your home. It helps makelife a bit easier. Some of the products we offer are: stair lifts, verticalplatform lifts (also known as wheelchair lifts), lift chairs, walk in tubs,home elevators, and mobility scooters.
Encourage Exercise
Regular exercise mixed with a balanced diet can play crucial roles in decreasingthe effects of aging on mobility and independence while promoting a healthier,more active lifestyle in later years.

Offer Transportation Assistance
Sometimes limited mobility results to not being able to use their car. You canoffer them rides to their appointments or set up a transportation service forthem. If they do not want to lose their independence, we offer wheelchairaccessible vehicles.
Provide Social Support
Aging can become isolating for some seniors. Making sure their physical healthis good is just as important than their mental health. Arrange different socialevents or activities to help make them feel less alone.