Activities for Seniors with Limited Ability

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Conditions suchas arthritis, joint pain, certain medical conditions, stroke and the process ofnatural aging can lead to losing mobility. This can make doing daily tasks thatwe’re used to doing and leisure activities difficult. But, that shouldn’t discourageyou to find something that can work for you and your limited mobility.

Here is a listof activities to try out if you find yourself worrying about what to do ifyou’re starting to lose some mobility.


Keeping yourmind sharp has been proven to help cognitive decline. Reading not only helpswith that but is also a great way to pass some time. It’s also been proven thatreading helps reduce stress and improve quality of sleep.

Look intoOther Hobbies

Not all hobbieshave to involve a lot of movement. Baking, cooking, crotchet, playing aninstrument and birdwatching are some popular hobbies seniors take up.


This may soundlike a big task for someone with mobility, but there are plenty of exercisesyou can do. Chair exercises are a popular choice for seniors. These movementsallow you to feel balanced and supported while still getting in movement andworking those muscles.  

There are loadsof benefits that come out of exercising:
- Boost in mental health

- Confidence

- Strength

-  Improvephysical health

Tune IntoYour Creative Side

Activities likepainting, drawing, and sculpting are ways you can express, or find, yourcreative side. Studies have shown that doing creative activities can play animportant role in people who are suffering from chronic illnesses.

Go Outside

It’s proven thatsunlight helps with depression. Even if you struggle with limited mobility, youcan still find ways to go outside and maybe even add in your hobbies to themix! (ie. reading a book or painting outside)

InviteFriends and Family Over

Ask friends andfamily to come over for a visit. This way you don’t have to worry about leavingthe comfort of your own home and still get to spend time with loved ones.

Do BrainGames

Similar toreading, brain games are proven to help with combating cognitive decline. Somebrain games include: crossword puzzles, Sudoku, and trivia.

Watch TV

Exploring new TVshows is a way to enjoy your time if you have limited mobility. Whether you’reinto documentaries, action, food or comedy, you will find something new towatch. Especially with all the different streaming platforms we have today.

Listen toMusic

Another way tokeep your mind sharp is to listen to music. Studies have shown that music hasthe ability to help reduce stress and anxiety. This pastime is a great way tobond with our younger relatives and discover what music they are into.


Volunteering isa wonderful way to make use of your time. Even if you have limited mobility,there are plenty of ways you can take time out and give back to the community.Sometimes organizations look for material items that could be donated / made.Some organizations look for household donations as well as knitted items likehats and blankets.